Aug 16

Discovery/Science Learning Center

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table with science items on it for preschool

How much fun can be had at preschool?  This is the question I think of when it comes to a preschooler's science learning center.  This can be the perfect place for discovery and learning.  All the teacher has to do is provide the materials and the learning comes along naturally.  So, let's learn about setting up this discovery or science learning center in your preschool.

Many preschools have a discovery table in their preschool.  If you do not, no worries, a large dishpan can be substituted.  What can you put in your discovery table?  It depends on your theme for the week.

THEME                                                WHAT TO PUT IN THE TABLE

summer, beach                                   sand, sand toys, sifting utensils, shells

flowers                                                 dirt, small gardening tools, artificial flowers to plant

gardening                                           rice or dry beans with small gardening tools

autumn                                                 leaves

winter                                                   snow, toys to play in the snow:  same as sand toys

colors                                                   water and food coloring for mixing colors, eye droppers

bubbles                                                dish soap mixed with water and wands for blowing bubble, straws

magnets                                              different size magnets with items made of different materials for testing

water                                                    water and items that sink or float, different sizes of cups and spoons

transportation                                     small trucks and cars, pipes for running through

cooking                                               flour with measuring cups and spoons

Try putting a variety of items in your discovery table with magnifying glasses and/or mirrorsPut a roll of pennies and encourage them to fill cups or roll them on their sides.  Carve a pumpkin and play with the seeds at Halloween.  Fill with dried pasta for a new sensory experience.  Give them containers with lids for shaking.  Finger paint in your discovery table, no paper needed. 

You can see that anything goes when it comes to being creative with your discovery table.  Keep anything and everything on hand to be used in learning science.  Set it up for your little ones and they will experiment and learn how things work with little prompting from you.

Have fun!


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