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Easter Crafts for Preschool

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Easter Crafts for Preschool
plain cone with licorice handle, filled with jelly bean eggs Cone Basket:  Use a plain cone, put a licorice handle on it and fill with jelly bean eggs.
preschool Easter craft, chick made from two paper plates Paper Plate Chick This chick is made from a large and small paper plate. Add construction paper beak and feet. Glue on or draw an eye.
paper cup, bunny face Easter planter Bunny Face Easter Planter:  Make this bunny face out of a paper cup then, instead of filling it with candy, turn it into a mini-planter by filling with a small potted plant.
preschool Easter snack, rabbit faces made from crackers, spread , grated carrots and pretzels Cracker Rabbit SnackSpread cream cheese or peanut butter on a round cracker. Use raisins, shredded cheese and stick pretzels to make a bunny face. Great Easter snack.
shape rice krispie treats into nests and fill with jelly beans Rice Krispie Treats Bird Nests:  Rice krispie treats shaped into bird nests and filled with jelly bean eggs, what kid doesn't love these?
preschool Easter craft, yellow chicks made from paper cups Paper Cup Chicks:  Make these adorable chicks from paper cups.
preschool Easter craft, yellow chilck made from a footprint  Footprint ChickThis chick is made from a foot print. Add a beak and some yellow feathers.
preschool Easter craft, bunny for the door knob Door Knob BunnyMake a bunny to put on your door knob. Use sheets of foam so that the bunny is more durable. Cut a hole big enough for a round knob if needed.
stained glass eggs made with tissue paper and construction paper Stained Glass Eggs Tissue paper with construction paper frame makes a stained glass egg.
Easter animal finger puppets made from pipe cleaners Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets Use pipe cleaners to make finger puppets for Easter.
preschool craft, bunny envelope to decorate and fill Bunny EnvelopeSeal up an envelope, cut it open, then add the bunny face. Fill with Easter grass and a few candies to make a happy child.
Easter basket for children made from a pop bottle Pop Bottle BasketCut the bottom off of a 2 liter bottle, decorate it and add a handle to make an Easter basket.
paper plate Easter bunny basket preschool craft Paper Plate Bunny BasketMake a paper plate Easter bunny basket. Fold a paper plate in half, add cotton ball tail, pipe cleaner whiskers, googly eyes, construction paper ears and a handle.
preschool craft decorated paper egg on craft stick to make a bookmark
Easter Egg Bookmark:  Make a bookmark. SIMPLE! Just color an paper egg and glue onto a craft stick.

preschool craft, color an egg and add felt and eyes to make a bunny Decorated Egg Bunny:  Hard cook and color an egg.  Glue on felt or construction paper ears, feet, mouth and teeth.  Add pipe cleaner whiskers and googly eyes.
preschool craft chicks made from cardboard egg carton Egg Carton Chicks:  Cut one cup out of a cardboard egg carton.  Paint it yellow.  Glue on an orange beak and paint on two black eyes.  Fill the cup with candy or something more healthy like raisins.
preschool craft, chick with hand print wings Hand Print Chick A paper egg with a face and feet with hand print wings. Get your children cutting. Great for fine motor skills.
preschool craft, paper eggs decorated with art supplies Decorated Eggs:  Use pipe cleaners, yarn, pieces of colored tissue paper, buttons, sequins or whatever to decorate paper eggs.
preschool Easter craft, rabbit ears headband Rabbit ears headband:   Made from construction paper.
bunny cupcake with candy faces for preschool snack Cupcake Easter bunnies. Way too much sugar for little ones, but once a year is ok? right? Gums drops and licorice make the face.  Add M&M eyes and nose and marshmallow cheeks.
preschool craft, white Easter lillies made from child's handprint Hand print Easter Lilies:  Draw and cut out a child's hand on white paper. Roll it up around a yellow feather and green pipe cleaner. What a pretty Easter lily.
preschool craft pink rabbit made from clothespin
Clothespin Easter Bunny:  A clothespin, cotton ball and googly eyes along with some pink paint make this bunny.

preschool Easter craft yellow duck made from two paper plates Paper Plate Ducks:  Use 1/2 of a large paper plate for the body, a small paper plate for the head. Glue on a construction paper beak and a googly eye for this yellow duck.
preschool Easter craft bunny face made from a paper plate Paper Plate Easter Bunny:  Take a paper plate, glue on cotton balls, stick on construction paper ears, pipe cleaner whiskers and mouth, pom pom nose and googly eyes for this bunny rabbit Easter craft.

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