Apr 27

May Preschool Crafts and Snacks

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pudding with blue sprinkles, crumbs and gummy fish for preschool snack Fish SnackThis is pudding with graham cracker or vanilla wafer crumbs for sand and blue tinted sugar for water with gummy fish.
rice cake, blue cream cheese and goldfish crackers Floating FishPut blue tinted cream cheese on a rice cake. Add goldfish for a fun snack for ocean or fish theme.
preschool snack, tortilla and vegetables made into a face Tortilla Face This is a flat wheat tortilla with vegetables for making a face: lettuce, broccoli, cucumber slices and carrot or red pepper for the mouth.
preschool snack, a face made from fruit Fruit FaceHere is a fruit face. Sliced pineapple, melon and apples. Happy snacking.
graduation certificate with a child's handprint Certificate Print up a graduation certificate. They can put it in their memory books along with a picture of the day.
rolled up diploma with a red ribbon Tie up their certificate so they can open it and unroll it. They can look back and remember when…
preschool paper graduation cap

Graduation Cap Make each of the children a graduation cap by cutting a 2" strip to fit their head and putting a square on top.

marshmallow with a face and graduation cap Marshmallow TreatThis is a decorated marshmallow. A peanut butter cup and square of chocolate make the cap.
chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter cup and square of chocolate for graduation Graduation CupcakesPut a Reese's peanut butter cup and a square of chocolate on a cupcake for graduation. I guess they can overload on sugar one day?
rock with face, feet and graduation cap Graduation RockDecorate a smooth rock with a face, big feet and a cap. Happy graduation.
string of fruit loops on yarn for a bird feeder Fruit Loop Bird FeederString cheerios or Fruit Loops onto yarn for a bird feeder. Dip the yarn ends in glue, then let dry to make stringing easier.
apple pieces and grapes on a string for a bird feeder Fruit Bird Feeder Use a blunt needle and yarn to thread apple pieces and grapes to hang for a bird feeder.
bluebird made from handprints and circles Hand Print Bluebird Two blue hand prints for wings. Two blue circles for the body and head. Add legs and face for a hand print bluebird.
bluebird made from egg carton cup, pom pom and feathers Egg Carton BluebirdTake one cup of a cardboard egg carton and paint it blue. Add a pom pom head, some feathers and face for a cute little bluebird.
bird feeder made from milk carton Milk Carton Bird FeederWe are enjoying feeding the birds. Make this bird feeder out of a milk carton.
bird feeder made from pop bottle and wooden spoons Pop Bottle Bird FeederUse a pop bottle, drill holes across from each other for two wooden spoons, big enough for the seed to spill out slightly. Put the spoons in face up so that some of the bird seed sits in the spoon.
vegetables cut and placed to look like a flower Vegetable FlowerMay flowers. Here is an edible one made from vegetables.
vegetable sticks in a cup with dip Sticks in a CupA great way to serve veggies. Cut them into stick and put them in a small cup with the dip or ranch dressing in the bottom. Now they can double dip safely.
trail mix made with nuts and dries fruit Trail MixI like to make do-it-yourself trail mix. Put the different ingredients in bowls with a spoon. Give each child a Ziploc bag and let them put in a spoonful of whatever they like. Then go on a hike and eat it on the trail.
celery with peanut butter and raisins, cream cheese and cranberries Ants on a LogGood old ants on a log with peanut butter and raisins, also cranberries and cream cheese.
yogurt, fruit and granola parfait ParfaitMake a parfait with yogurt, fruit and granola. YUM, I love it!  Great for Mom or the kids.
fruit and cheese kabobs KabobsHow about a healthy snack for Mom or your preschoolers? Fruit and cheese on a skewer.
painted flower pot with flower MOM Flower PotPaint a clay pot and glue on pretty flower. Write MOM's name on it for Mother's Day.
pink plate with mom made from pasta and beans Pretty Pink Pasta PlateDraw with glue and stick on beans, pasta, glitter or sequins for Mother's Day.
red card that looks like WOW MOM WOW MOM CardMake this card from red construction paper for Mother's Day!
pink petals glued on a paper plate to make a wreath Pretty Pink Petal Wreath You can buy bags of petals at a hobby store. Glue them around the end of a paper plate for a beautiful wreath.
paper flower with layers of colored paper, buttons in the middle Pretty Paper FlowerCut several paper flowers of different colors and sizes. Stack and glue them together. Glue a round circle and decorate with buttons.
yellow flower pot with buttons around the rim Button Flower Pot Paint a clay flower pot and glue on some buttons for decoration.
flower made from ribbon with seeds in the middle Ribbon FlowerThis flower takes strips of thin paper or ribbon, fold it under and glue in the middle. Then glue seeds in the middle. Happy May, happy spring.
paper flowers with children's faces in the middle Picture FlowersTake snapshots of your students and turn them into flowers for Mom for Mother's Day.
mayday basket from plastic cup and pipe cleaner handle Cup May Day BasketIt's May Day. When I was a child, we put flower baskets on neighbor's door. Make this one by punching holes and lacing the top of a cup. Add a pipe cleaner handle. Fill with flowers or goodies.
construction paper cone filled with paper flowers for may day Cone May Day BasketMake a construction paper cone from a half circle, put on a handle and fill with flowers. Find flower ideas in the March and April preschool crafts posts.

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  1. Jesusa

    Wonderful!  This helped us to enrich what we have done to ensure the kids are interested.  We can build on it based on our objectives for the day.  Thank you and God bless

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