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Preschool Lesson Plan Template

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Take a look at the preschool lesson plan template that goes with every lesson in the preschool curriculum that I wrote:

Every lesson comes with at least 5 ideas in all of the eight categories which are:

  • Fine Motor
  • Exploration
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Lesson
  • Music and Movement
  • Stories and Books
  • Snack
  • Gross Motor

Circle Time 

Welcome:  Greet each child and make them feel special.  Tell them something that you like about them.

Sharing:  Have the children share what has happened to them.  Help them by asking questions, maybe about their friends.

Pledge:  Say the Pledge of Allegiance

Calendar and Weather:  Check the calendar, count the days of the month up to today and the days of the week up to today.  Talk about the weather and put up symbols if you have them.

Letter of the Week: This week’s letter is an upper case  “A“ and a long “A“.  Practice writing this letter on the chalkboard, say the letter out loud and identify words that begin with this letter:  acorn, apron, ape, age, amen, angel, April, ate

Discovery Time/Free Play

    Fine Motor:

    Arts and Crafts:

Group Time

    Music and Movement:



Free Play

    Gross Motor Skills:

    Farewell:  Tell each child good-bye and send home their projects and newsletters to parents if you have them.

This gives you enough ideas for a five day preschool or daycare.

What do you look for when choosing a preschool curriculum?  How can you tell if you are getting a good one?  You may be just searching online for free ideas of you may be looking for the right preschool curriculum to purchase.  If you see the right template, this would be the right preschool curriculum for you.  Having the right template or routine, keeps your preschool running smoothly.  The children follow the same routine every day.  They know what to expect.  They transition from one activity to the next smoothly.

I find that most preschool teachers do not know what to look for in a preschool lesson plan.  Every day should follow the same template.  Start with the welcome time.  While children are coming in have activities for them to get involved in.  This would be a fine motor activity, arts and crafts and exploration like science.  They can begin as you welcome the children.  Once all the children have arrived, pull them together to the rug for the letter of the day, the calender and the weather.  Then they can finish all the activities and learning centers that you have set up for them.

This is followed by a lesson.  This is where most preschool lessons really fall short.  The theme for the week is emphasized with arts and crafts and reading a book but a series of ideas for the lesson is lacking.

After the lesson, keep the group together for music and movement and read them a story or give them some free time in the library/reading learning center.  Then you can end your day with snack and gross motor activities.

Each lesson plan template follows a theme with lots of ideas in each of these areas.  The areas are:  fine motor, arts and crafts, exploration, lesson, music and movement, stories and books, snack and gross motor activities.  Choose a preschool curriculum that covers all of these ideas.  Stop spending hours on the internet looking for ideas and spend money on a good preschool curriculum.  More to come.

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