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September Preschool Crafts

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wind chime made from stick and shells Wind Chimemade by hanging shells from a stick that has been collected from nature. Pine cones or rocks might also be hung.
construction paper wind sock with streamers Wind SockWe are getting cooler and windier weather. This wind sock is just construction paper and streamers. Use fall colors to make it more seasonal.
Natural Sun CatcherCollect nature stuff on your next nature walk. Press a few treasures in between two layers of clear contact paper. Frame with black strips of construction paper.
tree craft for preschool made with child's hand and tissue paper leaves Tissue Paper TreeThe trunk of this tree is your child's hand and arm cut from dark construction paper. Wad up small pieces of tissue paper for the leaves. Tracing, cutting, ripping up and wadding paper are all great fine motor skills practice. And you get a cute art project as an end result. I LOVE It!
rocks set in concrete for a preschool craft Garden RocksCollect some rocks on your next nature walk. Mix up some quick set concrete, pour it into a form, add the rocks to the top and let it set up. Use old boxes, plastic take out containers or lids for your form. Remove from the form and put these in your garden.
black crow made from a cup with a yellow hat for preschool Black CrowUse a black cup for the body of this crow and a yellow cup, cut into strips for the hat. Add feet and beak from felt or construction paper, googly eyes and a button for decoration.
pumpkin suncatcher Pumpkin Suncatcher Cut a pumpkin out of a piece of black construction paper. Place a piece of clear contact paper behind the opening. Fill the opening with orange pieces of tissue paper. Put another piece of clear contact paper to seal the opening. You have a pretty pumpkin suncatcher
pumpkin suncatcher Another Pumpkin Suncatcher. See the instructions on the picture above this one. The same idea, just a little different look.
strips layed out to show how to make a strip pumpkin Strip Pumpkin. Cut lots of orange construction paper strips all the same width and length. (Use those fine motor skills) Lay them out like in this picture. Glue or staple the bottoms together. Turn each strip up so they meet at the top. Glue or staple each strip together. Put a twisted pipe cleaner on top for a strip pumpkin.
strip pumpkin made from strips of orange construction paper Here is the finished strip pumpkin.
 spider web made wrapping yarn around a paper plate Spider WebMake a spider web by lacing yarn through cuts in a paper plate. Stick plastic spiders on the web. SCARY!
lady bug from paper plates Paper Plate Lady BugMake this one with colored paper plates. Paint them orange or red if you don't have colored ones.
pet rock that looks like a bug Pet RockIt is a great time of year to go on a nature walk. Turn a rock into a pet bug. This one is CUTE!
paper bag bird puppet Paper Bag Bird PuppetMade by attaching feathers, a beak and some eyes.
bird made from shapes Shapes BirdA triangle, oval and circle make this construction paper bird.
preschool craft, bird from a DVD DVD BirdRecycle an old CD or DVD into a bird by attaching feathers, a beak and some feet.
leaves glued on paper to make an insect Leaf InsectThese leaves were used to make an insect.
fish picture made with fall leaves Leaf FishThese leaves were used to make a picture of a fish.
leaves glued on paper to make a picture Nature Picture: Go for a walk, collect leaves and stuff and make it into a fall picture. So many possibilities.
book for preschoolers to make with leaves on each page Leaf Book Use colored construction paper and leaves glued onto each page. Have the children bring in leaves from their neighborhoods, or ones that you collect during school, add a page each day.
pom pom pumpkins on felt to make a pumpkin patch Pom Pom Pumpkin Patch: Make felt or construction paper leaves and use twine for the branch.  Glue onto felt or paper.
green pipe cleaner with a pom pom pumpkin for a finger puppet Pom Pom Finger Puppet: Twist a green pipe cleaner and top with an orange pom pom pumpkin.
pumpkin made from orange buttons glued onto paper Button Pumpkin or GhostUse buttons or sequins and glue onto paper for a fine motor skill for fall.
pumpkin made from beads threaded onto a pipe cleaner Bead Pumpkin:  This pumpkin is made with a pipe cleaner and beads. It is great for fall and fine motor skills!
scratch off painted craft tree Scratch-off tree: Put down a layer of black crayon, paint over the top with fall-colored paint and let it dry. Then scratch off some of the paint.
wreath made with fall leaves Leaf wreathes. This one is real or silk leaves glued to a paper plate ring with a pretty bow.
construction paper ring with fall leaves Cut a construction paper circle, collect fall leaves and glue them on. The kids will be proud of their creations.
paper plate ring with construction paper leaves for a fall wreath This leaf wreath was made with construction paper leaves glued on a paper plate ring.
stick puppets made from leaves Leaf Stick PuppetsMake up a play, have a show in the dramatic play area.
tree made from crafts sticks Stick TreePaint craft sticks brown and glue together to make this tree. Add fall leaves.
butterfly made from a leaf Leaf Butterfly Twist two pipe cleaners together and add leaf wings for this fall butterfly.
butterfly suncatcher Butterfly Sun CatcherCut out the shape in black construction paper and fill in with colored tissue paper.


  1. Amanda Miss Panda

    What a wonderful collection of craft ideas for the little ones!  We are definitely going to try the DVD bird!  Thank you.

    1. Starting A Preschool

      Glad you visited the website. Come back often for more ideas.

  2. chaya

    thank you so much for such great ideas!

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