May 01

Should I Put the Price in My Preschool Flyer?

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man carrying a money bag children in a circle at a preschool

You are ready to sell your preschool to parents and their children!  Do you want to spend hours with each parent trying to convince them that your preschool is the best or the one for them?

Do you want to explain every detail of your preschool individually to every family that inquires?  Are you comfortable going over pricing and policies?  Do you like spending lots of your free time on the phone with prospects, only to have them turn away?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the parents show up ready to sign up because they have all the information they need and they WANT what you are offering?

Wouldn't it be nice for parents to know that they can or cannot afford your program?  A parent may only want their child to attend a preschool that offers organic meals, or has security cameras?  How will they know if you offer these things?

How do you get them all this information without the hours involved explaining it to them?  The answer is:  IN A FLYER.

Put all the answers to any question that they could come up with in a flyer, then have it ready to hand out to prospective parents.  They can read about your program and make an informed decision.

If they know ahead of time what your preschool is all about, you are actually pre-selling them on your program before they call.  If they don't like what they read, they won't call.  You won't waste your time trying to convince them that your program fits their needs, when maybe it doesn't.

Here is a list of the items that could appear in your flyer:

  • The teacher's qualifications.
  • That the school is licensed.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Name of the school, address and phone number.
  • Daily schedule of activities.
  • Ratio of teacher to children.
  • Special certificates held by the workers:  like first aid and CPR.
  • Other safety precautions:  like fences, gates, protected entry, security cameras.
  • Nutritious meals or special accommodations for diet.
  • Computer or technical training.
  • Any specialized areas of instruction like computers or a foreign language.
  • Website address
  • Age of children
  • Potty training policies

Your program won’t be for every family out there.  This is a way of servicing the families that are a good fit without spending your precious time explaining everything to them.

When families call, you can answer the questions they have, set up a time for a tour and feel good about the flyer all ready informing them and selling them on your school.  These families don’t need to be convinced, they know that you have what they are looking for.

Go out and leave your flyer wherever there may be young children.  Always ask first, then post on community bulletin boards, hand out personally, and leave a stack on business counters.  Put on the window of cars at park district events, church outings, library parking lot and grocery store lots.

The answer is YES, YES, YES.  Put the prices you charge in your flyer.


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